New online store available!

Our new shop is online. In the new videostore the videos are as download available and will also ship on DVD.

You can find our new store here:


Ötztaler Radmarathon

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Here you can find the latest updates of our files. The files are available for various training programs such as Cadence VR, Daum Ergo Planet, Tacx etc. Make sure you always have the latest update installed.

Update instructions:


Use the Update button in CadenceVR to download the latest version of the drivers from the server. If an Internet connection is not present then it is also possible to copy the * .rlvnl file from the download below to the directory where the other files on your hard drive.


Copy the EPM and EPP file to the directory on your hard drive where the other (EPM / EPP) files are.


Download the update below and unzip the file. Then start the Video Update Installer.exe file and choose your software to install the files.




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