New online store available!

Our new shop is online. In the new videostore the videos are as download available and will also ship on DVD.

You can find our new store here:



Our training videos are suitable for all bikestrainers available on the market, like

spinningbikes, ergotrainers, rollers etc. Our videos combined with 

our software Cadence VR ( will turn any trainer in three easy 

steps into a virtual reality trainer. We also support several virtual reality trainers 

of the firms Daum and Tacx. With these VR-trainers we also control the resistancelevel.

Compatible ANT+ sensors with Cadence VR:
- Speed (All brands: Garmin, Suunto, Bryton, O-synce, B'twin, Bontrager etc)
- Speed & Cadence (All brands: Garmin, Suunto, Bryton, O-synce, B'twin, Bontrager etc)
- Power (All brands: Garmin Vector, Cycleops Powertap, Power2max, Quarq, SRM etc)
- Hartslag (Alle merken: Garmin, Suunto, Bryton, O-synce, B'twin, Bontrager etc)
Compatible software:
Cadence VR 3.0 ANT+ cycling software: Upgrade every trainer into a VR-trainer
Cadence VR 3.0 for Wahoo KICKR and Snap
Cadence VR 3.0 for Tacx Smart (e.g. Neo, Bushido, Vortex, Genius)
Cadence VR 3.0 for Elite Smart trainers
Fortius Software
Tacx Trainer Software 1
Tacx Trainer Software 2
Tacx Trainer Software 3
Tacx Trainer Software 4.9
Diverse Mediaplayers
Compatible VR-trainers:
Daum VR-trainers
Tacx Fortius
Tacx Fortius Multiplayer
Tacx i-magic
Tacx Bushido
Tacx Fortius Multiplayer
Tacx Bushido
Tacx Flow (with upgrade)
Tacx Vortex
Tacx Genius
Tacx Genius Multiplayer
Tacx Neo
Basic Trainers 
Tacx Satori
Tacx Booster
Tacx Blue Twist
Tacx Blue Matic
Tacx Antares
Tacx Galaxia
Elite basic trainers
All Spinningbikes
All other hometrainers and biketrainers