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Luz Ardiden - Luz St. Saveur (DVD)

Luz Ardiden - Luz St. Saveur (DVD)
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Luz Ardiden - Luz St. Saveur

The Luz Ardiden is part of our Route des cols - Les Pyrénées collection. The Luz Ardiden is a 1720 meter high mountain pass in the French Pyrenees and famous for many Tour de France Stages. 

Luz St. Saveur - Luz Ardiden

Length:   31,6 km

Altitude meters:   1030 m

Videoformat:   1080p (HD)


Compatible software:
Cadence VR 3.0 cycling software with smart trainer support
Fortius Software
Tacx Trainer Software 1
Tacx Trainer Software 2
Tacx Trainer Software 3
Tacx Trainer Software 4
Diverse Mediaplayers
Diverse standalone DVD-players (due to many brands/types no guarantee)

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Wahoo KICKR (with Cadence VR)
Wahoo KICKR SNAP (with Cadence VR)
Tacx Smart Trainers (with TTS or Cadence VR)
Tacx Fortius
Tacx Fortius Multiplayer
Tacx i-magic
Tacx Bushido
Tacx Fortius Multiplayer
Tacx Bushido
Tacx Flow (with upgrade)
Tacx Genius
Tacx Genius Multiplayer

Basic Trainer
Tacx Satori (with Cadence VR)
Tacx Booster (with Cadence VR)
Tacx Blue Matic (with Cadence VR)
Tacx Blue Twist (with Cadence VR)
Tacx Antares (with Cadence VR)
Tacx Galaxia (with Cadence VR)
Elite Smart Trainers (with Cadence VR)
Hometrainer (with Cadence VR)
Spinningbikes (with Cadence VR)
All other brands and types (with Cadence VR)

All other turbotrainers, spinningbikes, hometrainers in combination with Cadence VR 3.0 software!

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Altitude gain (meters)1030
Video resolution1080p